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06 Feb Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) A Load Of Waffle?

T2 have tried many things down through the years, in house SEO experts, outsourced SEO experts, onshore, offshore, UK based, US based and the one recurring theme that came through was waffle! Waffle, waffle, waffle… and poor results!

The truth about search engine optimisation in our experience is to be honest, do the basics well and you will be rewarded. When we say basics we mean spending the time on keyword research, then optimising the site for the same, namely the meta data, image & alt tags, links, keyword density, quality content, clean user friendly, design and code, speed, hosting, H tags, sitemaps and the list goes on.

It’s important nowadays that your social channels are optimised for the same target keywords, as the major search engines appear to give them significant weighting. That means that your company profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc. need to reflect the same proposition as your website.

I’ve often heard the term “link building strategy” being bounced around by industry experts and giving in the region of 60% search engine weighting. The major search engines in particular Google appear to be coming down very hard on this, to a point where we have seen it decimate online businesses. We’ve also seen this work to our advantage where a more honest/ethical approach has boosted some of our client rankings during the same period. The one thing we can say here from our experience is that it appears to be more about the quality of links. We think there is a cap in the region of 250 inbound links, so it’s imperative that they are of good quality, possibly even considering removing non authorative / quality links above that range.

Once all the onsite items are checked off then the longer term approach to SEO is in the content; Writing blogs (make sure they are hosted onsite as opposed to blogger or blogspot), adding/updating content on the site, adding new quality landing pages and honest activities such as these.

As you may have noticed, I use the word honest a lot, again because of the amount of waffle and the lack of apparent trust it has created in our industry. This lack of trust is often created due to the initial sales pitches. Many SEO companies want the job and your money, often the issue is they promise the stars and deliver little. The fact of the matter is that SEO is an unknown, promises can’t be made, but honest endeavours can. So my words of advice are cut out the waffle and do the basics well!

If you need some help or assistance in relation to your companies SEO and you want to work with an honest company, then please contact T2 on 059-9182329 or [email protected]

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