Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly? ...

28 May Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you need to get it ready for smartphone users as soon as possible, to avoid losing hard-won web capital. (And, of course, to access the millions of smartphone users you want to do business with!)

The message about rolling out ranking changes is embedded in a helpful post (link is external) on the Google Webmaster Central Blog (link is external), home of “Official News on Crawling and Indexing Sites for the Google Index”. So it’s not an ill-founded rumor being spread by SEO companies or Red Bull-crazed tech bloggers.

The post itself covers “common configuration mistakes” and Google’s recommendations. In other words, it lays out how Google wants you to set your site up for smartphone users. Google wants everyone who searches for anything on Google to have a “positive user experience”.

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