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At T2 we have created a unique and structured approach to developing your digital strategy into a multifaceted, all-inclusive model. This has been formed through constant testing and research over more than a decade in the field. The T2 model is based on partnership, as opposed to a once-off transaction. We have found that the enhanced relationship this creates with our clients allows us to fully translate your exceptional knowledge of your own market into an extremely effective, parallel digital presence. Our strategy and vision seeks to constantly incorporate the key mutual targets and deliverables that have been identified, to grow your business online and physically.


To make a success of any journey, a basic idea of where one is and where one wants to go is generally essential. To this end we always perform extensive research of our clients’ current status in the digital marketplace. By performing a Usability Survey combined with Consumer and Market Research we can assess how your customers act in relation to your products and services. This is overlaid with an in-depth SEO Audit, as well as Keyword Analysis to discover the primary terms your customers are focusing on. Finally, a Competitor Review is performed to identify how your current competition functions and how they can be exceeded.



In the implementation process of any project, experienced management and clear definition of responsibilities and deliverables are vital. At T2 our Project Planning and Management is undertaken by an experienced PRINCE 2 practitioner to ensure reliability, effectiveness and punctuality at every stage of the project. This is typically applied through our 5D approach; beginning with Discovery and our initial research and planning, progressing through to the Definition and Design phases where your core ideals are honed to visible structures, Development then sees these transformed into a tangible and productive digital presence with Delivery putting the finishing touches to the front-end experience, giving you a result you can be proud of.


A key element of all lead generation and customer conversion comes from great design. Aesthetics and branding are vital in putting across your business’ core messages as well as imparting a feeling of comfort and trust to your customers. However, creating a user experience that leads to higher conversion rates and brand loyalty is no easy task. Your customer experience must combine functionality and curiosity in a unique manner that stands out from the norm, and above all it must be radically simple to ensure perfect usability. The blending of all of these elements takes not only skill but also great knowledge and experience of what works. At T2 we pride ourselves on making good design an art form that will work for your benefit.



When it comes to design implementation we are happy to be free of any limitations. Many firms focus solely on one type of CMS (usually WordPress) and try to channel everything through that. With the large team of developers, we have at our disposal we are open to using whichever system we feel best suits the specific client and project. This applies across the board through Web, E-Commerce, Database and Mobile App development. This, of course, includes mobile responsiveness integration in line with the huge growth in sites being accessed through mobiles. We also specialise in bespoke software, applications and systems integration. Put simply: whatever system is perfect for you, that’s how it will be developed.


Digital Marketing seems to be what everyone’s into these days. From spam e-mails to business cards flying around at conferences, it would appear that thousands of different agencies hold the “secret” to sending your sales through the roof. The secret, like most things in life, is simple: a mixture of hard work and the experience to know in which direction it should be applied. We know this industry inside-out and, as we maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients, we apply our resources where they will achieve real results. We don’t try to baffle people into a one-off sale, we’re here to do everything necessary to build your brand online and deliver actual growth and returns.



SEO is a constantly changing game to which people can only guess at the rules. Google, understandably, never shares its algorithms and changes them quite often as people figure out loopholes in the system. There are many strategies agencies use to try and keep up with SEO changes which are often very time, resource and cost intensive. Through our vast experience as a Google partner and through our constant research in the field we have found that the best approach is one that incorporates SEO into a holistic approach to digital marketing. This means optimising clients’ sites excellently at the start and then revisiting it every quarter or so. SEO is an effective tool, but any good craft needs to utilise a range of the right tools to do a perfect job.


One of the biggest effects that cutting-edge technology has had on business is the otherwise mundane area of reporting. Unbeknownst to many, the power of analytical software has the power to radically alter your business’ direction. With the collation of large sets of data from your customers, it is now possible to understand behaviour and preferences and to pivot to meet the needs of your existing clientele or capture new markets. We strongly believe in breaking down the complex figures into easily defined parcels through User Behaviour, PPC, Conversion and Analytic reports so that you can get a full picture of how your customers act and engage with your business.



The damage your site being compromised or crashing can do to your business can be huge. The true costs must be calculated in terms of sales, leads and opportunities lost, as well as the effect on brand image. That’s all before the rebuild or recovery cost, legal and reimbursement costs etc. For these reasons we actively engage with our clients on the best strategies to prevent their site from being hacked, through keeping their software fully up to date, and their files locked down and hosted securely. To ensure that any business operation is trusted and runs smoothly, downtime and disruption must be minimized. With our long experience dealing with security and maintenance measures you can be sure you are in safe hands.

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