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30 Jul Understanding Your Google Environment

With this level of reach and audience businesses who have an online presence can expose their brands to a wider and more diverse audience. Over recent years Google has sought to improve its services, channels and tools to offer businesses the opportunity to expand their marketing reach and increase brand visibility. However success is not based on how effectively one channel is applied, its measured on how you utilise all channels appropriately, strategically and in synchronisation. Google is constantly evolving and the aim of this blog is to remind people of understand the importance of Google basics. To develop a successful strategy that delivers results on Google we recommend the following steps 1) Understand the Basics, 2) Implementation and 3) Monitoring.


Google as a platform contains practical tools when applied appropriately can yield significant results for businesses. These tools are widely available and free to use. Google’s range of tools include Webmasters, Google Analytics, Adwords, Local Business, Google+, YouTube etc.

Some businesses focus on one tool or channel in their Digital Marketing strategy and expect instant results. Issues then arise when businesses question the validity of Google as a marketing platform. The question and problem is not with whether Google is an ineffective platform, the problem lays with how business and their utilisation of Google.
Google is a search engine with one goal, to help people search and increase their user experience. Therefore it is crucial for any business to build visibility on Google, you must link all your accounts to attain useful data, understand your user, targeting etc. Basic integration and linking all your Google accounts can achieve increased organic visibility, brand awareness and increased sales.

Google is similar to a car engine. For a car engine to work efficiently all parts must work together in tandem and in sync. When one part fails the engine won’t be efficient or work at all much like the Google environment. Also an engine requires fuel to run efficiently, in a Google environment content is the fuel.
To understand the basics of Google you must follow the following steps 1) Use tools effectively and 2) Ensure all accounts are linked.

Once you understand the basics of Google, create an implementation a strategy is. Start setting up channels such as Google+ with a professional feel similar to your website. Also ensure that your business address if confirmed by Google to be visible on maps and in the search bar. Once you have your Google channels optimised and set-up, ensure that your accounts are connected. Using your Google tools effectively and when connected helps improve paid and organic searches resulting in higher on site conversions.

As part of the implementation process ensure that you continuously post content related to your business which is both relevant and engaging for every person who visits your website. Google ranks your site based on engagement and relevancy of onsite content. Ensure you create content on a consistent basis and cross share with the various Google channels. Following this process helps Google understand your business and place your brand in front of a larger audience.

What gets measured gets results’. From a Digital Marketing perspective if you don’t measure and monitor results you are missing vital information that can help grow your business online. In addition monitoring your marketing efforts on Google enables your business to target potential customers more effectively and increase conversions.

In terms of creating a monitoring strategy think about the most effective way to monitor your website activity and the specific KPI’s that best measure results. Set-up a Google Analytics account which allows you to examine results at a top level and further drill down to specific website traffic. Google analytics also explores the different types of website traffic, types of people, website interaction, conversions etc.

Constant monitoring and analysing of your Google performance will help your efforts to measure Return on Investment more accurately as opposed to traditional forms of marketing. In addition Google provides you with a constant source of information which can shape future marketing campaigns and help build brand awareness.

To continuously improve your Google marketing performance constantly monitor your results and be aware of new trends, new ranking algorithms and changes in the Google environment. Apply and adapt these changes where necessary to ensure your website usability is not compromised and so that you do not run the risk of losing potential customers.

Finally ensure that your reports are integrated and from the one source/agency. Having multiple sources examining your various Google channels can create inaccurate and inconsistent results. Using a full service agency ensures your Google results are consistent and gives you the ability respond to changes in real time. Working in partnership with a full service Digital Marketing agency provides your business with reports that contain valuable insights. In addition ensure all your Google channels work together effectively and in unity to deliver long-term business results.

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