Are smartwatch apps the futur ...

Are Smartwatch Apps The Future Or Are They Already Here?

27 May Are smartwatch apps the future or are they already here?

Smartwatches have exploded onto the tech scene in the last few years. Android compatible models made by the likes of Samsung, Sony and even Tag Heuer had been most prevalent, but with the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, Apple are now bringing their own typically stylish take on technology to the market. These watches are a more natural way of seamlessly blending communication and health tracking into your life without the need, or distraction, of constantly looking at (or finding!) your phone.

Android models have been open to third-party app development for a while, but the recent opening of Apple’s models as well have seen massive growth in the potential for smartwatch app development. Available apps encompass every field from note making and call taking to health and fitness monitoring and gaming, smartwatches are fast becoming an integral part of millions of people’s everyday lives.

Naturally, as one of the best app developers around, at T2 we are expanding our services to the next level and bringing our expertise to the world of smartwatch app development. Whether Android or Apple Watch, we can design and execute any ideas for smartwatch apps. With the wide range of possibilities for wearable technology it’s an area of great potential for any firm with the foresight to take advantage of it.

With 30 million units sold last year, 50 million in 2016 and nearly 70 million expected to be shipped in 2017 the market for smartwatch app development is increasing at a meteoric rate. Despite this, traditional developers have been unusually slow with their uptake of the format, leaving a huge gap in available add-ons for these new smartwatches. For example, there are an estimated 2 million apps in the Google Play Store for mobile devices, compared to a miniscule 4,000 available for Android Wear, with a similar story over on Apple’s App Store.

Considering the amazing prospects for unique and life-changing apps in areas like health, fitness and travel it’s easy to see why smartwatch apps can be such an excellent opportunity for businesses to get closer to their customers. Apple CEO Tim Cook described the experience as “a new intimate way to communicate from your wrist” and with such familiar engagement with consumers comes great opportunity.

Our design and development experts here at T2 are passionate about app creation and the possibilities offered by smartwatches can take that to a whole new level. We’re ready for the next step in the future of technology and we want to take you with us.
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