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17 Aug A Time for Action: 5 Tips for Creating Calls to Action on Your Website

Whats obvious is sometimes not obvious! Or do we just forget how important it is to get the simple things right in life whether its your career or if your participation in sport, the simple and most basic things work best and deliver results.

When you create a website or a Digital Marketing campaign the same criteria should apply. Why? If you set up a website with the sole objective of generating leads or sales, your first question is how to get people to your site. Once people are visiting your website, their next logical question is ‘what is my next step?’.

Businesses can make the mistake that once the user is on their site they will take an action. Unfortunately that is not always true. Once you have peoples attention it is crucial you inspire them to take action with the aim this action will end up as a lead or sale. Therefore getting the basics correct on your website or Digital Marketing campaign will have a positive impact in generating leads and sales.

What is a Call to Action? A Call to Action can be a command donated as an image of text that directs the user or customer to click through to the next step. Calls to Action are not only confined to Ecommerce sites. Most websites and digital marketing campaigns often utilise CTA’s to maximise conversions and revenue. Be careful when using Call to Actions, you don’t want to appear pushy and too many CTA’s can discourage your customers.

Reasons for Calls to Action

1. Increase Conversions – the aim of creating CTA’s in your Digital Marketing campaign is to implore and guide your customer to take an action. The more people take action on your website the more conversions will increase.

2. Test Campaign Effectiveness – if your are running a campaign to build brand awareness, promotions or building a customer base use a CTA button to test the effectiveness of a campaign. These insights can be used to measure what Calls to Action worked and how they can be applied to future Digital Marketing or website campaigns.

5 Tips for Effective Calls to Actions

1. Visibility – ensure your Call to Action is visible and follows a logical path within each piece of content. This is important to note as you want to guide the reader to complete the next step.
2. Simple Message – keep your call to actions as simple as possible. It will confuse your customer and will discourage a completed action. Keep your message simple, keep your instructions clear and easy to understand.
3. Urgency – creating a sense of urgency ensures that the reader will take immediate action as opposed to later. Using expressions such as ‘Limited Number of Tickets’ or ‘Offer About to Expire’ in your Digital Marketing campaigns will help to increase conversions.
4. Language – the type of language you use in your Call to Action is important. If your language is over complicated and confusing this will turn potential customers away. People want to be guided and use strong words such as ‘click here’, ‘buy now’ etc. to make the user experience more positive.
5. Buttons vs Links – for important or immediate actions using buttons or icons can generate a sense of urgency therefore increasing conversions. Buttons also act as a visual cues to guide people into what actions they need to take. Links are useful in situation where actions are non-crucial and can be effective when highlighted with a message.

Finally when creating Calls to Action in your Digital Marketing or website campaigns it is important to test its effectiveness. Any level of confusion will alienate your customer base. Ensure your Calls to Action are concise, clear and strong.

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